Razeth (city)

Razeth of the home of the High King and capital of 4 kingdoms. Because of this it is also known as the city of five kings. The city was named after the dragon who lead the charge in taking the city from the hands of the Rinia empire. The war with the empire was fierce but short due to the power of the dragon and the creatures brought to his side.

The Siege of two capitals

Razeth the everliving gathered an army of Dragons, Tieflings, Genasi, Dragonborn tribes, and Drow to overthrow the capital of the human Rinia Empire. They laid siege to the city for weeks before the Dwarves came from the north to help their Human allies. Unfortunately for the empire this is the moment Razeth planned and waited for. Once the Dwarven army was secure in the city Razeth himself charged with a horde of dragons laying waste to a large portion of the city. Chaos ensued and the siegeing army stormed the city straight to the keep. Immediately after the assault the dragon turned his eyes to his true prize. He took his army of dragons north and charged the Dwarven Capital of Vol Chorrim.

The armies of Vol Chorrim had traveled south to aid their human allies leaving the Dwarven keep mostly unguarded. Their defenses were strong but the wrath of over a hundred dragons was too much for the keep and the dragons stormed the halls killing anything that moved. Razeth climbed deep into that mountain keep and has stayed there ever since.


When the dragons tore into the city the Humans began to evacuate and flee. Even the Human soldiers fled west leaving the Dwarven armies to fend for themselves in the doomed cities. The Dwarves fought their way back to their home only to find it in ruin. In a desperate attempt they charged into the keep never to be heard from again. It is believed that enough Dwarves survived and fled deep into the northern mountains. Rumors say a great Dwarven city still exists in the north filled with Dwarves who curse the humans that caused them such a great loss.

After the city was claimed the heroes of the war split the lands of the empire and called themselves Kings and Queens. It took them many years to solidify their claims over the humans settlements but they all manged one way or another. The human capital was renamed Razeth after the dragon who commanded them to victory.

Razeth (city)

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