Mankind's Lament

The Centennial Festival

Bound to be a blast

The festival has finally arrive and our heroes manage to all catch the same interest in the tournament that is being hosted in the coliseum. Upon arriving they realize a summoning circle has been cast around the coliseum itself but their worries are cast aside by the antsy spectators.

In the semi-finals their fears are realized as a human kills himself activating a ritual to summon a horrible devil into this world. They fight their way through a chaos filled city and hordes of imps just in time to save the high king from an ambush. After saving the king they are given a job to check on the arena and find one of the stronger contestants, a human gladiator known only as Red, fighting a demon stuck in a portal. They lend a hand but Red is sucked into the portal with the demon. It looks like the city is safe, for now.


milkdafunkycow milkdafunkycow

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