Tazadaar is the name of the only two people who have held the position of High King

Tazadaar I

Two years after the fall of the Rinia Empire the 8 Kings were summoned to the capital in the name of Razeth. An army of red Dragonborn had entered the city under the lead of a Copper Dragonborn named Tazadaar. Tazadaar named himself high king under the authority of Razeth and none opposed him. Not Much is know of Tazadaar before he became high king but his rule was a fierce one. He settled the many disputes between the kings with swift justice. He was feared by many and a very effective leader.

During his 51 year rule the city of Razeth grew into a cultural center for the eight kingdoms. Four of the kings declared the city their capital and the city was mostly rebuilt from the siege. In his later years he became very reclusive and remained hidden from the public.

Tazadaar II

After his father’s death Tazadaar II took over the role of high king. His father had accomplished a great deal and they were difficult shoes to fill. Tazadaar II did his best to continue his father’s legacy but his harshest critics fell short. The growth of the city leveled off and the king’s guard became synonymous with abuse of power. It is currently the 46th year of his rule and he has begun shows signs of reclusion much like his father.



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