Half-orc wizard and the dumbest smart person in the land.


After accidentally burning down half her town as an infant, Egred was taken in by a human sorcerer named Aggen, who raised her as if he were his own. Under his guidance, she learned to control her power, and more importantly(in her opinion), learned to read. However, because Aggen had sold off most of his collection to pay back gambling debts, he only had the one for her to learn from. The reason he had it at all was because it was an old economics text that was so dry even the biggest fanatics wouldn’t touch it without first drinking lethal amounts of alcohol.

Naturally, it was Egred’s favorite.

From this dusty, painful, and frankly mind-numbing experience, Egred’s goal took shape; she would compile into one book all the knowledge in the world, no matter how small.

When she was old enough, she began her academic studies, getting in on scholarship and training nonstop – not to be a wizard, exactly, but to absorb every word in the library. Egred’s school days were peppered with complaints about her sleeping in the library and forgetting to return books, so much so that she was actually barred from it for about a month after librarians discovered she’d built a book fortress in a corner and had been there for a week straight.

Eventually, Egred’s tenacity and ability to memorize useless information led her down the path of a researcher, where she developed her propensity to lick things to determine their origin. She began traveling after several years and many loud disagreements with her coworkers, seeking knowledge wherever she could.

Until the present, these travels have included all of two hamlets and one city, because she has to stop and interrogate everyone she meets.


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