Mankind's Lament

The Centennial Festival
Bound to be a blast

The festival has finally arrive and our heroes manage to all catch the same interest in the tournament that is being hosted in the coliseum. Upon arriving they realize a summoning circle has been cast around the coliseum itself but their worries are cast aside by the antsy spectators.

In the semi-finals their fears are realized as a human kills himself activating a ritual to summon a horrible devil into this world. They fight their way through a chaos filled city and hordes of imps just in time to save the high king from an ambush. After saving the king they are given a job to check on the arena and find one of the stronger contestants, a human gladiator known only as Red, fighting a demon stuck in a portal. They lend a hand but Red is sucked into the portal with the demon. It looks like the city is safe, for now.

Employment Hazards
And those that take them.

Story So Far
It is 2 weeks before the centennial festival and the city of Razeth is buzzing like a busy hive. The city has never been this busy since the fall of the empire just under a hundred years ago. All sorts of travelers have come to the city to celebrate and some to take advantage of the crowds. Razeth isn’t a city known for its safety but the king’s guard assures everyone that they will be on top of anyone who attempts to disrupt the festival.

5 Travelers meet in a dimly lit room and enjoy a nice long silence. Once met with their employer they eagerly accept the dangerous task he has requested of them to clear the tunnels beneath the city to allow safe passage for citizens during the upcoming festival. Upon entering the tunnels they explore the depths to find many wonders from a run down sewer system to a locked up Dwarven stronghold. Neither giant centipedes nor Dwarven traps can keep them bounty as they find the hidden vault and solve it’s puzzle, with only minor injuries.
After their exploring they find the missing guards slain in the camp of the orcs of the Gurok Tribe. After fierce negotiations, and some minor bartering, they convince to orcs to let the workers finish and take their well earned pay to spend on the upcoming festivities.

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